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create a

kinder, healthier, more sustainable world

mission-driven marketing, ghost-writing, and executive support


About You

Your Team

Start Ups &


Whether you're a small team making do or looking to scale, I can help close the gap.

Solopreneurs & Thought Leaders 

You are not alone! Gain a teammate in bringing your vision to life. 

Researchers &  Academics

Your research saves lives and brings people together. Let's get it out there. Books, e-books, white papers, you name it, I'm there. 

Mission-Based Orgs & Nonprofits

I am your taskforce multiplier. Let's conquer the world.

Your Causes


Climate change, conservation efforts, reforestation, marine pollution remediation


Welfare and protection for endangered species, livestock and companion animals alike


Lifestyle medicine, healthcare, mental health, alternative and integrative therapies


Food deserts, urban gardening, dietary racism, school food, food security, sustainable farming


Aid safety and empowerment for refugees, women, children, and slaves


Education innovation, Science Achievement Gap, art and music programs for school-aged kids

Introducing Your





My Mission

My mission is to tell the story of people using business, academics, and community outreach as a force for good. 


I am to help you solve juicy problems, break down barriers, rally the troops, and GSD ADL*. I roll up my sleeves, and work beside you to help refine your rough ideas into valuable deliverables that you can use to make sales, raise funds, and drive your triple bottom line - all in service of what you do best: making the world a kinder, happier, more just and sustainable place to live. 

*(get sh*t done all day long)


big picture thinking, attention to detail, working quickly and effectively, interdisciplinary collaboration, intrapreneurship, emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, bringing energy and gathering momentum, can-do attitude, wordsmithing, can't stop/won't stop 'til the job is done


My approach is informed by a decade of working with start-ups, non-profits big and small, and mission-based organizations where resources are scarce, deadlines are tight, there's no room for fluff, but there's plenty of heart.


With an academic background in technical and business communications, a professional background in marketing and program development, and personal studies in yoga, personal development, and health and wellbeing, I come at problems from a holistic approach. I believe that the growth of an organization depends on the growth of the people within it - especially its leaders. I also believe that work can and should be a spiritually fulfilling endeavor. 

There are many problems to be solved in this world. I am here to support your vision for a better tomorrow.


Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media strategy

  • Social Media staff training

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • QML funnel development

  • Public relations and traditional media agency management

  • Strategic event planning, incl. tradeshows, user summits, donor galas, etc.

  • Product launch planning and execution


  • Messaging workshops

  • Story arc development

  • Content production

  • E-Books

  • Manuscripts & book drafts

  • White papers

  • Case Studies

  • Newsletters

  • Website content

  • Blogging

  • Multimedia project management

  • Captivating PowerPoint design

  • Document design and layout


  • Fundraising efforts

  • Grant proposal writing

  • Donor activation

  • Volunteer recruitment and activation

  • Staff training and internal marketing

Kind Words

Amanda is committed, passionate, talented, and highly organized. She was able to create a vision, identify the steps necessary for completing a difficult and comprehensive project, and manage the execution of the goal. She has the ability to collaborate across different profiles of teammates and understand how different job roles can be utilized most effectively. Her drive and commitment are contagious, and she developed innovative ideas that helped move the organization forward.

—  Paul Amendola, Executive Director, VecnaCares Charitable Trust

Block of Hours

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Base package is 5-hour block. First engagement must be at least 10-hours to allow ramp-up time. The more hours purchased, the deeper the discount.

Monthly Retainer

starts at


Requires 3-month minimum contract to start. Number of clients I can support on retainer is limited.


average project rate


Requires scoping meeting. A project estimate will be provided after requirements-gathering process.​


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